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The combat of Rustam and Shangul

MSS 1030, folio 279 | Tabriz, Iran | circa 1530

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Artwork Details

Title: The combat of Rustam and Shangul

Date: circa 1530

Location: Tabriz, Iran

Materials: ink, gold and opaque watercolour on paper; margins heavily sprinkled with gold

Dimensions: 47.4 x 32.1cm (folio); 27 x 16.9cm (written surface, recto); 29.6 x 25.9cm (illustration, verso)

Accession Number: MSS 1030, folio 279

Other Notes:

Rustam aproaches Shangul and spears him, lifting him off his horse. He then turns him upside-down and crashes him head-first to the ground.

[For the Shahnamah of Shah Tahmasp, see MSS 1030]


text copied in a superior nasta‘liq script, with 22 lines to the page, arranged in 4 columns, two to a couplet; heading in riqa‘


J.M. Rogers, The Arts of Islam. Masterpieces from the Khalili Collection, London 2010, cat.306, p.267.

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