The Khalili Collections

Over the course of five decades, Professor Sir Nasser D. Khalili has assembled eight of the world’s finest art collections – each on its own merit being the largest and most comprehensive of its kind. Together, the Eight Collections comprise some 35,000 magnificent works, many of which have been exhibited at prestigious institutions worldwide.

Each work of art in the Khalili Collections has been meticulously conserved, researched, catalogued and published as part of what is considered to be one of the most ambitious art scholarship projects in modern history. Eighty of over a hundred planned volumes have already been published, edited by Sir David and with contributions from the world’s leading experts in each respective field.

Islamic Art

(700 – 2000)

Hajj & The Arts of Pilgrimage

(700 – 2000)

Aramaic Documents

(353 – 324 BC)

Japanese Art of the Meiji Period

(1868 – 1912)

Japanese Kimono

(1700 – 2000)

Spanish Damascene Metalwork

(1850 – 1900)

Swedish Textiles

(1700 – 1900)

Enamels of the World

(1700 – 2000)

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