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Metal Magic: Spanish Treasures from the Khalili Collection

Auberge de Provence, Valetta, Malta
8 November 2011 - 29 April 2012

The Khalili Collection of Spanish Damascene traveled across the water to be on display in Malta. The Exhibition Metal Magic: Spanish Treasures from the Khalili Collections has been hosted by Heritage Malta and viewed at the Auberge de Provance| now the National Museum of Archaeology.

On 7th November 2010 The Prime Minister of Malta| Dr Lawrence Gonzi| inaugurated the exhibition and it was opened to the public from 8th November to the 29th April 2011.

Malta has a long connection with Spain| once being part of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies| which belonged to Spain. It was then given to the Order of St John which included many Spanish Knights. A good relationship between Malta and Spain has continued to the present day.

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