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Visions of Splendour in Islamic Art and Culture

Visions of Splendour in Islamic Art and Culture

English and Arabic gift editions

Published 2008

Nasser D. Khalili

Originally published under the title The Timeline History of Islamic Art and Architecture, this book is a move in a new direction for the author, since it is designed as an aid to those with a budding interest in the subject. The format of the publication, which chronicles
the artistic achievements of the Islamic world over fourteen centuries, is ideally suited to illustrate, at a glance, the glorious tradition of Islamic art and architecture, and the important contributions Muslim civilizations have made to our world culture.

The book also includes a fully illustrated foldout Timeline of Islamic art history; a gatefold colour map locating major historical and cultural sites of the Islamic world; a historical survey of the rulers and dynasties of the Islamic nations; lavishly illustrated in-depth histories of each art form; and a reference wheel displaying landmarks of Islamic art and essential information on the modern Islamic nations.

This is a wonderful introduction to Islamic Art and Culture, recommended for Schools, Colleges and Public Libraries. 40,000 copies (20,000 English and 20,000 Arabic) were gifted by the author to universities and schools around the world.

About the author(s)

Professor Nasser D. Khalili Founder of the Khalili Collections; Honorary Fellow of the University of London; Visiting Professor, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London


English and Arabic gift editions
189 pages
32 x 22 cm
The Khalili Family Trust


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