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The Pilgrim’s Companion: The Khalili Anis al-Hujjaj

A ground-breaking new translation of the Anis al-Hujjaj (The Pilgrim’s Companion), with an extended introduction.

Written during the year-long pilgrimage undertaken by the author, Safi ibn Vali Qazwini in 1676–77, the Anis al-Hujjaj (‘Pilgrims’ Companion’) gives advice to prospective pilgrims on every aspect of the journey to Mecca via the Indian Ocean: which ships to choose, how to stay healthy, the places to visit, the rituals to be observed and the people one is likely to encounter. Dedicated to the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb’s daughter, for whom he had written a commentary on the Qur’an, the author writes a wonderfully vivid and colourful account of the journey. This manuscript belongs to a long-established tradition of guides to the Holy Places and provides a fascinating picture of the Indian Ocean and pilgrimage in the 17th century.

Available Spring 2024


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