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MEIJI NO TAKARA – Treasures of Imperial Japan; Ceramics Part One: Porcelain

Meiji No Takara – Treasures of Imperial Japan
Part One: Porcelain


Oliver Impey and Malcolm Fairley with contributions by Clare Pollard and Vibeke Woldbye

Published 1995

This volume is published in two parts dealing with the development of, respectively, porcelain and earthenware. The first part concentrates on Miyagawa (Makuzu) Kozan (1842–1916), illustrating more than 80 examples of his virtuoso work in porcelain.

Kozan brought the medium to heights of technical perfection not seen before and, ever responsive to market forces, produced wares with shapes and decoration in Japanese, Chinese, and European styles.

An essay by Dr Oliver Impey and Malcolm Fairley traces the part played by Japanese porcelain in the international exhibitions of the period, while Clare Pollard contributes an artistic biography based on documentary research in Japan.

By assembling such an outstanding group of ceramics and presenting them in the light of groundbreaking new research this volume makes a major contribution to the study and appreciation of Meiji art.

About the author(s)

The late Dr Oliver Impey – Senior Curator, Ashmolean Museum; Reader in Japanese Art, University of Oxford

Malcolm Fairley – Formerly of Sotheby’s and Barry Davies Oriental Art; now co-owner of the Asian Art Gallery, London

Clare Pollard – Curator of Japanese Art, Department of Eastern Art, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford; former art historian and Curator of the East Asian collections at the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin

Vibeke Woldbye – Former Curator, Danish Museum of Decorative Arts, Copenhagen


248 pages; fully illustrated in colour; 40 x 30 cm; hardback with slipcase; 1995; ISBN: 978-1-874780-05-2


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