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Marvels of the East. Indian Paintings of the Mughal Period from the Khalili Collection

Marvels of the East
Indian Paintings of the Mughal Period from the Nasser D. Khalili Collection

Catalogue in association with the exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel, May – July 2000

Published 2000

Doron Lurie

This was the first in a series of exhibitions dealing with Islamic art at Tel Aviv Museum. Mughal art, perhaps originally considered somewhat eclectic by all but specialists in the field, has gained widespread recognition over the last 100 years. Inspired by the various
artistic traditions prevalent in India in the 16th century as well as those of Iran, Mughal art is now appreciated for the great skills of its artists and the high level of their achievements in a variety of disciplines, from miniature painting and calligraphy to jewellery and
enamelling, as well as architecture.

The exhibition included 180 manuscripts, paintings, and a variety of enamelled, jewelled or lacquer-painted objects from the Khalili Collection. Ranging in date from the 16th to the middle of the 19th century, the objects illustrate the wealth and diversity of Mughal art and will appeal as much to those who are unfamiliar with the subject as to art collectors and connoisseurs.

About the author(s)

Dr. Doron Lurie – Senior Curator, 16th-19th Century Art, Tel Aviv Museum of Art,Tel Aviv, Israel


98 pages; 27 x 21 cm


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