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Images of Culture
Japanese kimono 1915–1950 in the Khalili Collections


Jacquie Atkins with forward by Dror Elkvity

Omoshirogara (‘interesting’ or ‘novelty’ garments) is a genre of kimono design all onto itself. The designs on the many types of garments in this Collection, such as children’s kimono and men’s haori (kimono jacket) represent snapshots of Japanese life during a period of major transformation – political, social, technological, and cultural. From kimono featuring trains, cars, jazz music, and film to those depicting newspapers, political subjects and famous battles, the scope and breadth of this Collection offer the only resource available today which is wide enough for an in depth exploration of these ingenious and original designs. Written by Dr. Jacqueline M. Atkins, and featuring numerous examples from the Khalili Collection of Kimono, this major new publication will be the first dedicated solely to the exploration of these fascinating and important garments to date.

About the author(s)

Dr. Jacqueline M. Atkins- Art historian with a special interest in Japanese textile history

Dror Elkivity – Curator for the Khalili Collections of Japanese Art and Kimono


fully illustrated with numerous
colour images
30 × 25 cm
Isbn: 978-1-874780-16-8

Release date: 2024


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