Embroidered Wonders
Meiji era textiles in the Khalili Collections


Clare Pollard and Hiroko T. McDermott

The Meiji period of 1868 to 1912 in Japan is renowned as a period of genius, inventiveness and phenomenal success and influence in the West. The prosperous textile industry of the period, which has receive little attention until recent years will be fully traced and explored in this forthcoming publication, showcasing for the first time the ravishing and comprehensive textile trove in the Khalili Collection of Japanese Art, considered to be the largest in private hands worldwide. Dazzling works of embroidery, resist-dyed silk and velvet, and tapestries brimming with innovative techniques – from the award-winning and flamboyant to the intimate and private – the Collection will appeal to all those interested in Japanese art, textile design, Japonisme, and Japanese history.  Written by Clare Pollard and Hiroko T. McDermott and featuring over 300 from the Collection, this major new publication will be a landmark survey of this magnificent art form in scope, style, and technique.

About the author(s)

Dr Clare Pollard is the Curator of Japanese Art, The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

Dr Hiroko T McDermott is an independent researcher based in Cambridge


fully illustrated with numerous
colour images
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