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Bactrian Documents from Northern Afghanistan

Bactrian Documents from Northern Afghanistan
Part I: Legal and economic documents


Published 2012 (Revised edition)

Nicholas Sims-Williams

During the last twenty years, more than 150 documents in Bactrian, the language of pre-Islamic Afghanistan, have come to light. These documents, which have been deciphered and published by Nicholas Sims-Williams, provide unique information on the history and culture of Afghanistan and neighbouring lands in the 4th to the 8th centuries, as well as revealing a Middle Iranian language which was hardly known before.

The first edition of Part I of this volume was published in 2001, containing all the legal and economic documents that were known up to that time. The present, substantially revised, edition includes a number of additional documents as well as incorporating significant improvements to the text and translation. Some sections of the earlier edition have been omitted, in particular the glossary, because they have been superseded by the equivalent sections in Part II of this volume (published in 2007).

About the author

Professor Nicolas Sims-Williams – Fellow of the British Academy; Research Professor of Iranian and Central Asian Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London; specialist in Middle Iranian languages of Eastern Iran and Central Asia, including Sogdian and Bactrian


171 pages; 31 x 22 cm hardback; 2012; ISBN 1-874780-92-7 (10 digit), ISBN: 978-1-874780-92-2 (13 digit)

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