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Treasures of Imperial Japan: Ceramics from the Khalili Collection

National Museum of Wales,Cardiff, UK
25 October 1994 - 29 January 1995

Opened by HRH The Prince of Wales

At the same time that the lacquer| enamel and metalwork of the Khalili Collection of Japanese Art was being exhibited at the British Museum in 1994-5| the ceramic part of this collection was exhibited at the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff| and was opened by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales.

The National Museum of Wales has large holdings of European ceramics| however the Far East is only represented by a small number of comparative pieces| most of them Chinese. The Khalili Collection is unrivalled in scale and scope| and the exhibition was a unique opportunity to see and appreciate the work of the greatest ceramic artists of this period| Makuzu Kozan and Yabu Meizan.

The asymmetry| colour and exuberance of Japanese art delighted William Burges| the architect of Cardiff Castle. A pupil of Burges| Josiah Conder| became the father of Western architecture in Japan| and it is the cross-fertilisation of Japanese and British culture during the Meiji period which gave this exhibition a special appeal.

This exhibition which consisted of 98 pieces is reproduced in full colour in the catalogue written by Oliver Impey and Malcolm Fairley.

Exhibition Catalogue


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