Pair of earrings

Location: Egypt or Syria

Materials: gold sheet, wire and granulation

Dimensions: 2.8cm; 2.7cm (width)

Accession Number: JLY 2149

Other Notes:

These earrings are openwork box-constructed crescents, richly textured with granulation. On the front of each is a filigree bird surrounded by 12 granulated domes. Similar domes ornament the side wall; large grains are placed on top of the domes and in between them. Two rows of granulated loops run along the edge, with a further loop at the cusps; these probably secured strings of pearls. The back has a branching tree in rope-and-grain filigree, surrounded by figure-of-eight scrolls. Rings for the ear wires are attached to strips of sheet folded over the points of the crescents. The ear wire is hinged at one end and secured by a pin with a granulated pyramid pull.


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