Pen Box

Location: Isfahan, Iran

Materials: boxwood body and lift-off lid, painted in opaque watercolour and gold and varnished

Dimensions: 25.5x 4.5 x 3.5cm

Accession Number: LAQ 1

Other Notes:

This pen box, the only one he is known to have painted, is testimony to Mu‘in Musavvir’s versatility [see MSS 1000]. The signature reads, ‘He [God]! Painted by the humble Mu‘in Musavvir.’

The natural light-brown colour of the wood has been used as a ground for the finely painted decoration. The lid bears three separate sprays of flowers, all outlined in gold, with clouds, birds and butterflies between them; it is edged with a band of gold scrollwork on black. Similar designs appear on the sides, but here the use of gold is confined to a few touches. The base bears a series of five cartouches of different types. All five have black grounds, with gold scrollwork decoration in four; the largest, in the centre, contains a bird on a tree. 


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