Small Jar with Marvered Decoration

deep yellowish-brown glass; blown, tooled, decorated with marvered opaque red and white

8.3 x 7.5cm

The jar has a sub-globular body on a flattened base and a low everted neck with a thickened rounded rim. The surface is decorated with alternating white and red applied trails, dragged upwards into a festoon pattern and marvered into the body. The flat bottom is kicked and retains a pontil mark. The squat shape is not particularly distinctive but the combination of trails in these colours is usually associated with the Byzantine Levant. The use of red or white marvered festoons continued into the Islamic period.

S.M. Goldstein et al, Glass. From Sasanian Antecedents to European Imitations, The Nasser D Khalili Collection of Islamic Art, volume XV, London 2005, cat.22, pp.42–3.