Instrument Case with Shuttered Mirror

Location: Isfahan, Iran

Materials: papier-mâché case, with fitted shutter and drawer, painted and varnished; instruments now missing

Dimensions: 23 x 15.8cm

Accession Number: LAQ 11

Other Notes:

The decoration is very fine work indeed. It is signed, ‘the work of the most humble Muhammad Baqir son of Muhammad ‘Ali, in Isfahan, the seat of sovereignty, over a period of 11 months. It reached completion in the month  of Jumada al-awwal  1187’.

The back of the case shows an Adoration of the Shepherds, Netherlandish in style and doubtless after a European print. The front of the shutter shows a richly dressed woman in European dress, with a coverlet lined with ermine fur over her left arm, a kneeling devotee and female attendants in the background. She appears to be tugging at a string of pearls. The presence of a devotee suggests that the original was a saint, but her vigorous gesture is much more appropriate to a heroine brandishing a sword, hence possibly a version of Judith Triumphant [see MSS 1005]. The inner face of the shutter, which carries the long signature, shows another richly dressed woman in early 18th-century dress standing against a window, evidently after a European formal portrait. The fitted surface of the drawer is decorated with gold scrollwork on a red ground. 


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