Vase and Cover

silver, kebori, gold wire, cloisonné enamel, shibuichi and shakudo

height 44 cm

A large silver egg-shaped vase and cover supported on three legs, each in the form of a kneeling oni, the cover supporting a silver, shakudo, and gold knop in the form of Shoki the demon-queller brandishing his sword as he peers down at them. The vase with handles to either side, each carved as a writhing, scaly dragon. The body and cover decorated with six panels of intricate silver filigree work embellished with some kebori detailing and applied with gold-wire cloisonné enamel butterflies, ho-o birds, a peacock, and flowers. The panels depicting chrysanthemum, paulownia, cherry, peony, and wisteria, and divided from each other by silver rope-twist wire borders and bands of polished silver set with floral roundels in honzogan enamels. The oni supports in silver, shibuichi, and shakudo. The interior silver-lined. The enamel is possibly attributable to Hiratsuka Mohei.

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