Tax Quittance for Meham al-Bamiyani

ink on light-brown parchment; bulla of red clay

8.8 x 7.3cm

Arabic document.

The document is a tax receipt issued by al-Harith ibn ‘Abdallah, a financial administrator of the governor ‘Abdallah ibn al-Jarud, whose jurisdiction extended over the districts of Madr and Rizm.

The document confirms that al-Harith ibn ‘Abdallah had received 2 dirhams from Meham al-Bamiyani, the sum the latter owed with regard to the kharaj, and the portions linked to it, for the years 148–51 AH.

The seal impression on the bulla reads, ‘al-Harith ibn ‘Abd Allah’.

G. Khan, Arabic Documents from Early Islamic Khurasan, Studies in the Khalili Collection, volume V, London 2007, no.23, pp.136–7.