Circular Book of Prayers with Views of the Two Holy Sanctuaries

ink and gold on leather, decorated with cut-out and embossed work in paper and leather; stamped and gilded leather binding

text in ghubar naskh, thulth and nasta‘liq scripts

5 folios; 6.9cm (diameter)

This miniature prayer book contains the verses of Ayat al-Kursi (‘Verse of the Throne’; folio 1a); views of the Holy Sanctuaries at Mecca and Medina (folios 1b–2a); the names ‘Allah’ and ‘Muhammad’ (folios 2b–3a); the ‘Ninety-Nine Names of God’ (al-asma’ al-husna) and a litany of the names of the Prophet, in a reticulated pattern (folios 3b–4a); the surah al-Fatihah and the hilyah of the Prophet (folios 4b–5a). All are in embossed and découpage work.

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