Part 8 of a 30-part Qur’an

ink, gold and opaque watercolour on paper; leather binding of a later date

main text in muhaqqaq script, incidentals in Kufic and naskh; 3 lines to the page

92 folios; 39.2 x 32.4cm

The text is written in a stately form of muhaqqaq, a script which, from the rise of the rounded scripts, was particularly favoured for fine Qur’ans. The vocalisation in gold is outlined in black.

 Both the script and the illumination of this imposing manuscript are related to a seven-part copy of the Qur’an dedicated to Abu’l-Qasim Harun ibn ‘Ali ibn Zafar, the vizier of Özbeg, the last atabak of Azerbaijan (r 1210–1225).

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