Carriage Cushion Cover (Four Reindeer, Four Birds and a Woman)

Location: Sweden, Scania, Herrestads or Ljunits district

Materials: interlocked tapestry

Dimensions: 57.5 x 100 cm

Accession Number: SW 55

Other Notes:

In the central octagon is a woman standing with hands held high, flanked by large hearts. The octagon is surrounded by four smaller octagons and four birds, and in each corner of the field are large reindeer. Apart from the woman, the design of the central field has no specific direction. The colours and central design are typical of south-east Scania and can be seen on several examples in museum collections.


V. Hansen, Swedish Textile Art: Traditional Marriage Weavings from Scania: The Khalili Collection, London 1996, cat. 30, pp.94–5.