Rectangular Tray

quaternary copper alloy, beaten, engraved and inlaid with silver, with chased decoration

4 x 29.5 x 18.5cm

The central recessed well is decorated with a finely inlaid six-pointed star interlace between transverse bands of Kufic benedictory inscriptions. The flat rim bears cartouches of fine naskh broken by eight-petalled rosettes in the name of a high amir, ‘The Amir, the Commander in Chief, the mighty, the great, the one helped (by God), the triumphant, the victorious, the learned, the just, the sword of the kingdom  and religion (husam al-dawlah wa’l-din), the aid of Islam and Muslims, the boast of kings and sultans, … (pahlav chara) and the most just of rulers, Ulugh Dad Bek Abu’l-Khazin Shir Malik ibn Zaid Ikhtiyar, the Commander of the Faithful’.

J.M. Rogers, The Arts of Islam. Masterpieces from the Khalili Collection, London 2010, cat.108, p.99.