Location: Cairo, Egypt

Materials: mahmal cover (sitr) of black silk, with red and brick-coloured silk appliqués, with finial and side banners, embroidered in silver and silver-gilt wire over cotton thread padding; five gilded copper finials

Dimensions: 325 (approximate height, as assembled) x 144 x 107cm

Accession Number: TXT 529


This cover for the Egyptian mahmal  was commissioned by Sultan Abdulmajid I and presented by the Egyptian wali (‘Governor’) ‘Abbas Hilmi Pasha. An inscription embroidered on one side of the pyramidal roof states that it was commissioned by the Ottoman sultan in AH 1316 (AD 1898–9), while another, on the opposite side, states that it was ‘renewed’ (i.e. presented or re-used) two years later in AH 1318, by the then governor of Egypt. The front and the back of the pyramid carry the tughra of Sultan Abdulmajid I.
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