Two Belt Fittings

Location: Golden Horde (South Russia or Central Asia)

Materials: gold sheet and wire, with repoussé, chased and engraved decoration and granulation

Dimensions: 2.8 x 2.8cm;  4.4 x 2.9cm (including loop)

Accession Number: JLY 1012

Other Notes:

These square belt plaques are box-constructed, worked in repoussé, and enhanced with chasing and engraving on the front and back. The borders are granulated.

Each plaque depicts two does under a tree with large four-petalled flowers, and a row of lappets, perhaps representing shrubs, in the foreground. The paired animals are either couchant or standing. Their bodies are oriented in the same direction; the head of the deer at the front is turned back, while the second faces forward. The ears are clearly articulated and the animals do not have the mushroom-like (lingzhi) antlers indicative of Chinese inspiration [compare JLY 2135]. The plaques were attached to a belt by loops on the back; only one  has a suspension ring.


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