Belt or Harness Fittings

Location: northeastern China or Inner Asia (or Central Asia)

Materials: cast and sheet copper alloy and wire, gilded; fabric or leather backing

Dimensions: 4.15 x 5.95cm (T-fittings);
3.4 x 2cm (hexagonal plaques/ fittings);
3.5 x 2.2cm (terminals) 

Accession Number: JLY 2135

Other Notes:

This group of fittings – comprising over 100 pieces, most likely represents fittings from more than one belt. However, seven T-shaped pieces with a central boss, 35 of elongated hexagonal shape, nine terminals (similar in shape to the hexagons but with one end truncated) and a buckle – appear to be from a single set. The fittings are decorated in high relief with some chasing, primarily with palmettes and symmetrical scrolls, each scroll terminating in a pronounced dot, and have slightly foliated edges. Many still have their back-plates, secured by rivets, and some retain fragments of leather or fabric sandwiched between the front and back plates. 


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