Silver Dirham (Arab-Sasanian Type)

Location: mint: Darabjird

Dimensions: 4.04g; 31mm

Accession Number: AR 3

Other Notes:

Obverse: standard Arab‑Sasanian, with myawya amyr / y-wrysnykan (Mu‘awiyah amir al-mu’minin); margin: bism Allah, with triangle of dots to either side of bottom sun-moon symbol.

Reverse: has mint abbreviation DA downwards on right and date on left. No symbols in reverse margin, but a raised area above the sun-moon symbol at 3:00 suggests something was erased from the die.

Although 43 is plausible as a Hijri date for Mu‘awiya (r 41–60 AH/ 661–680 AD), it is the present consensus of specialists that this date was used for a period of some thirteen or fourteen years with various officials on the obverse, making the actual period of this issue impossible to define.