Polar-bear Group

Location: Japan

Materials: porcelain with flambé glaze

Dimensions: 21.9 x 38.5 cm

Accession Number: P 68

Other Notes:

A porcelain polar-bear group, naturalistically modelled with three bears on rocks hung with icicles around a frozen pool, decorated in a flambé glaze of turquoise and brown, the pool of crackled, thick, clear glaze.

Although the glazing technique on this group differs markedly from that on P 107, which is signed by Kozan, P 107 is virtually identical save in size to that in the Victoria and Albert Museum (inv. No. C.244-1910), which was acquired in 1910. The figures of two of the bears on this piece are identical to those on the Museum piece, coming from the same mould. The attribution to Kozan workshop is therefore secure.


O. Impey, M. Fairley (eds.), Meiji No Takara: Treasures Of Imperial Japan: Ceramics Vol I, London 1995, cat. 77.