Location: Khurasan

Materials: ink on dark brown parchment; bulla of khaki-coloured clay

Dimensions: 6.7 x 5.5cm

Accession Number: DOC 34 [AR 22]

Other Notes:

Arabic document.

The document is a tax receipt issued by Mansur ibn Sulayman, a financial administrator of the governor Muhammad ibn Habib, whose jurisdiction extended over the districts of Wasba (?), Madr and Rizm.

The document confirms that Mansur ibn Sulayman had received 5 and a half danaqs from Qarawal ibn Mir. This was what Qarawal owed ‘in the citadel of Yaksin and Gandar with regard to the portion for the expenses of the land, the expenses of al-Mahdi, the expenses of the governor, the expenses of captives and slaves who equipped themselves to join al-Mahdi, … and other expenses which are administered with the kharaj for the year 157 [AH].’

The seal impression on the bulla reads, ‘Mansur’.


G. Khan, Arabic Documents from Early Islamic Khurasan, Studies in the Khalili Collection, volume V, London 2007, no.21, pp.132–3.