Part of Seat or Carriage Cushion Cover (Birds and Vines)

dove-tail tapestry

52 x 45 cm

The magnificent green ground marks this as one of the most beautiful tapestries from the region. The traditional flower heads found on dove-tail tapestry from Scania, albeit in a more naturalistic manner, are combined with the most realistic drawing of birds seen on these weavings. On most dove-tail tapestries from Scania the pattern was woven perpendicular to the warp, as are the flowers and signature here, and thus correctly orientated when viewed from the side of the loom. The three large birds that dominate the composition, however, were woven parallel to the warp, and therefore seen the right way up by the weaver at the loom end.

V. Hansen, Swedish Textile Art: Traditional Marriage Weavings from Scania: The Khalili Collection, London 1996, cat. 11, pp.46–7.