Two-fold Screen

Location: Japan

Materials: wood, kinji, makie-e, shibayama, shell, ivory, translucent enamel inlays, silver hinges and fittings.

Dimensions: 30.5 x 32.2 cm

Accession Number: L 35

Other Notes:

A two-fold screen consisting of lacquered panels set into a frame, with reversible hinges. The four panels on one side form a continuous design of waterside fishing and boating scenes. In the water one man is punting a raft, while another transports a man and woman in a boat. Along the shore one of the fishermen has just caught a fish to the delight of a boy, who rushes over, while, behind, travellers pass by and others out for a stroll enjoy the flowers. The lower panels portray fishes  in the water among water-plantain and other water-plants in gold, silver and red shishiaimakie, with kirikane and Shibayama-style encrustations, including translucent enamel inlays, on a kinji ground. The main panels on the reverse depict a pair of birds flying towards a clump of autumn plants, including hagi, ominaeshi, pinks, and clematis, while the lower panels are decorated with maple-leaves, all in gold, red, and green togidashie on a black lacquer ground with muranashiji. The frames decorated with stylized chrysanthemums and leaf scrolls in gold togidashie with details in keuchi.


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