The Last Section from the Hizam of the Ka‘bah with Dedication

black silk with green silk appliqués, relief-embroidered in silver and silver-gilt wire over card and cotton thread padding


97 x 1100cm

This, the last section from a hizam of the Ka‘bah, is embroidered with the basmalah and Surat al-Hajj, XXII, verses 27–8. The roundel at the beginning has Surat al-Ikhlas, CXII, verses 1–4 around the name of Allah, while that at the other end has four of the Asma’ al-Husna (‘The Beautiful Names of God’) around the name of Muhammad. The final panel has a long dedication in the name of the Ottoman sultan ‘Abdulaziz, who states that he is proud to present this belt to the Ka‘bah, following in the tradition of his father, Sultan Mahmud II, in the year 1278 of the hijrah (1861–2 AD), his first regnal year. A complete belt for the Prophet’s tomb, presented by him in the same year, is in the Topkapi Palce Museum, inv. no.TKS 24/84.