Da’iral al-Mu‘addil, with a Depiction of the Ka‘bah

wood, painted, varnished and gilt, set with a small comapss and brass attachments; in original leather-covered box with a marbled paper lining

17.8cm (diameter); 11cm (height, with arcs raised)

The base plate of this instrument, a combined qiblah compass and sndial which is known as the da’irat al-mu‘addil, is marked with the names of various cities. It also houses a magnetic compass so that, when aligned on the meridian, it gives the direction of Mecca, represented at the centre of the plate with a depiction of the Ka’bah and Maqam Ibrahim. When correctly oriented, the instrument also functions as a sundial.

F. Maddison & E. Savage-Smith, Science, Tools & Magic, The Nasser D. Khalili Collection of Islamic Art, volume XII, Part One, London 1997, cat.169, p.278–9.